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  • F3-837 Retinal Forceps Foreign Body with Cup Jaws
    F3-837-20G (20 gauge), F3-837-23G (23 gauge)
  • F3-845 Retinal Forceps Foreign Body
    F3-845-20G (20 gauge), F3-845-23G (23 gauge)
  • F3-752 Retinal Scissors Vertical 70 degree
    F3-752-20G (20 gauge), F3-752-23G (23 gauge)
  • F3-759 Retinal Scissors Curved Subretinal
    F3-759-20G (20 gauge), F3-759-23G (23 gauge)
  • F3-751 Retinal Scissors Straight Blunt Tip
    F3-751-20G (20 gauge), F3-751-23G (23 gauge)
  • F3-756 Retinal Scissors Horizontal 55 degree
    F3-756-20G (20 gauge), F3-756-23G (23 gauge)
  • F3-555 Perone Lasik Flap Forceps
    Colibri style tips with dia. 1.7mm ring, 0.3mm Hole, Overall length: 105mm, 4.1 inches, Stainless Steel
  • F3-305T Artisan Lens Forceps
    Angled tips with 9mm long jaws, Overall length: 125mm, 4.9 inches, Titanium, F3-305 (Stainless Steel)
  • F3-329T Lens Buratto Implantation Forceps Angled
    Angled shafts, For HYDROVIEW lens, Overall length: 105mm, 4.1 inches, Titanium
  • F3-301 Intraocular Lens Forceps Angled
    Angled shafts with 1mm dia jaws, 10mm bend from tip, Overall length: 100mm, 3.9 inches, Stainless Steel, F3-301T (Titanium)