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  • F3-303 Intraocular Lens Forceps Curved
    Curved shafts with 1mm dia jaws, Overall length: 125mm, 4.9 inches, Stainless Steel, F3-303T (Titanium)
  • F3-306 Intraocular Lens Implant Forceps
    Provides grasp of the lens optic or segment, Thin instrument shaft, Overall length: 120mm, 4.8 inches, Stainless Steel
  • F3-308 Intraocular Lens IOL Forceps
    Used with pre-positioned, winged cartridge IOL delivery systems, Work well with both acrtlic and silicone implants, Overall length: 94mm, 3.7 inches, Stainless Steel
  • F3-330 Intraocular Lens Shepard Curves Forceps
    Curved shafts with serrated 1.5mm upper and 2mm lower jaws, Handle with slide lock and polished finish, Overall length: 91mm, 3.6 inches, Stainless Steel
  • F3-323T Intraocular Lens Universal Folding Forceps
    Idea for lens diameters from 5.5mm and greater, Tip is for tucking the haptic between the lens halves, Overall length: 105mm, 4.1 inches, Titanium
  • F3-332T Intraocular Shepard Iol Insertion Forceps
    Curved 18mm shafts with 1.91mm wide grasping tip, Flat, serrated cross action handle with dull finish, Overall length: 108mm, 4.3 inches, Titaniun
  • F3-661T Lens Forceps
    Shafts angled 45degree with curved grooved bladed for holding the landers vitrectomy lenses, Landers vitrectomy, , Overall length: 115mm, 4.5 inches, Titanium
  • F3-321T Lens Implantation Forceps
    Angled shafts, 9mm bend from tip, 1mm x 2mm dentation jaws, Overall length: 105mm, 4.1 inches, Titanium
  • F3-325T Lens Implantation Forceps with Lock
    Angled shafts, 20mm bend from tip, with lock facilitates, Thin curved jaws for incisions up to 2mm, Overall length: 110mm, 4.3 inches, Titanium
  • F1-026 Lieberman Speculum V-shape
    Open 17mm blades, Overall length: 85mm, 3.3 inches, Stainless Steel